It’s been two weeks since my last post, I know, already falling in my new year’s resolutions… I’m hopeless!

But, here I am, I managed to find a little time for a quick post in all my messy life! (Papers, exams and due dates are the reason of my disappearance, I’m drowning in responsibilities). Today I wanted to talk a little bit about me, so I’m answering some questions.

  • Who are you? My name is Marta. I’m 18 and I’m on my first year of uni. I live, and always had, in Barcelona (a beautiful city that I want to show you!)
  • What do you do? As I said, I’m on my first year at university. I’m studying Biomedical science and not really enjoying it at all. I’m considering a big change in my life (if you want to know more ask me anything!). I also work part-time in a music academy as a flute teacher.
  • What’s your go to make up look? Nude, golden kind of browny eyeshadow, mascara, concealer, blush and nude-pinky lips. Very simple.
  • What’s your favorite music? Pop-Indie. I’m planning to do a top-10 songs in my life post, would you like it?
  • Last thing I bought: Maybelline eyeshadow palette. The Nudes. It’s such a beautiful palette and I’m absolutely obsessed.
  • Summer or Winter? Winter. Without any doubt. I’m all about cozy pj’s and scarfs. And christmas!
  •  All time favorite tv show? Gilmore Girls.
  • 5 random things about me:
  1. I can’t touch my bellybutton, it makes me feel sick.
  2. I wear glasses only when I work on computers.
  3. I’m 24/7 listening to music.
  4. I’ve got my baby dolls in a shell in my bedroom.
  5. I don’t really enjoy partying.


That’s all!

Actually, I had such fun writing this and I would love reading yours, if you want to do it in the comments or in a blogpost…

Love x




4 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. humblyhungry says:

    Gilmore Girls! Yes! Isn’t it just ah-mazing?! Did you hear about how they are doing a reunion?!
    I adore winter too, you’re so lucky to have a winter Christmas – my winter is in the middle of the year :/ What is your favourite thing about living in Barcelona? x


  2. aspoonfulofgoodies says:

    Yeeees, the Gilmore Girls reunion!! I can’t wait!
    In the middle? Where are you from? Winter is soooo wonderful.
    My favourite thing might be that you have beach, city and mountain in the same place, it’s so different, you never find two thing that are the same.
    Really liked your comment, and your blog too!


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