10 songs I can’t live without

So, a while ago I wrote a post about my 2016 resolutions and I mentioned the possibility of writing a post about my top 10 songs. A friend of mine mentioned that she really wanted to read a post like that and, Anna, here it is!PicCollage.jpgThis songs aren’t on a particular order, just the way they came to my mind.

  1. Paris in June-Johnnyswim
  2. Coming Home-The Pete Kilpatrick Band
  3. Catch in the dark-Passenger
  4. Sweet Louise-The Belle Brigade
  5. Our last summer-Abba
  6. Classy Girls-The Lumineers
  7. Between the Bars-Eliott Smith
  8. Way back When-Kodaline
  9. Where are you now-Mumford and Sons
  10. I hate seagulls-Kate Nash

I made a Spotify playlist, if you want to listen to this songs just click here or here!

It was quite difficult to chose only 10 songs, there’s way too many which I wanted to include. If you want me to make this post again but with different songs let me know in the comments!

See you soon!



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