A few beauty favourites

I’m back and I want to rock it. I’ve finished my exams and I want to invest more (some) time writing blogposts.

Today I want to show you my last purchases or, with different words, some beauty favourites. I’m not talking of high end products, just some one that can be easily found in drugstores.

close up.jpgI heart Makeup Blushing Hearts-Goddess of Love Highlighter: Okay, let me talk about this. OMG, this is the most precious highlighter ever. Maybe it has too much shimmer (if that’s possible), but I can’t wait to use it in summer, when I’m a little bit tanner.

I heart Makeup-I heart Definition:I bought it mainly for the contour. I’ve got mine in Fair as I’m the palest person in this world and I have to say that I’m pretty happy about it.

Garnier Original Remedies: I’ve owned this now for months and I can’t live without it. I use it after shower and my hair hasn’t been better.

Bestie Dry shampoo: I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve never owned a dry shampoo ’til now.  We don’t get them in Spain but I found them in drugstore last week. I really like it, I’ve got a floral scent and it’s a little bit too much, I really want to try the original scent.

Ultra Facial Oil free Lotion: This product is more of the pricy side but amazing. I’ve got oily skin with acne and this keeps me moisturized but don’t make me breakout.

The falsies-Maybelline: I can’t say a lot about this product as I’ve recently purchased it but I’ve got high hopes about it.

The Nudes palette: The colors, is all about this colors. I’m so glad I bought it I used every time I wear makeup. They’re a little bit dusty but as a high street palette it’s ok.

That’s everything. Let me know in the comments any products that you think I should try.

Love, Marta.